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We help in catalyzing the growth journey of organizations by building Tangibly (Measurably) Transformed Leaders and Teams for Long-Term Behavioral Change / Agile Transformation at junior to mid-senior levels of the organization who grow the organization and themselves, using our proprietary ValYouAdd Leadership Intervention Model and Methodology. 

ValYouAdd Leadership Intervention Model and Methodology

The Model

High Achieving Leaders are leaders who create engaged followers who further the growth of the organization. They do this by ValYouAdd (i.e., adding value to "you", where "you" refers to their specific audience such as team, customer, organization, self).  Our  model teaches participants how to apply this ValYouAdd principle differently to different audiences they are leading to get effective results.

The Methodology
The methodology involves an initial study to understand the leader, the team and their challenges, then proceeding to design the intervention to overcome those challenges, which include facilitation/training and coaching, the focus of which are based on developing specific leadership skills or agile skills, and applying  NLP and emotional intelligence as required for long-term behavioral change.  The next steps are run the pre-assessment implement the intervention (includes trainings and coaching as required), and run the post-assessment, which will help in measuring the transformation. 

"Value" refers to something that makes their audience happy and/or grow.

our visioN

Help Organizations Grow Through Enabled Leaders and Teams.

our MISSioN

Run Interventions (designed to include trainings, assessments and coaching as required) that Enable People at Junior to Mid-Senior Levels in the Organization to Become Effective Leaders and Teams With Long-Term Behavioral Change Who Contribute to the Organization's Growth.


Integrity, Excellence, Adding Measurable Value.

Our Proven Effectiveness

Consistent high feedback scores received from participants, who say programs are both fun and learnings are practical for applying in the workplace.

Worked With Over 50 Top Organizations

Programs run for more more than 50 top organizations both in India and overseas, getting consistently high feedback scores for our programs.

We are Easy to Work With

We work closely with organizations in a way that helps the participants and organization succeed with minimum overhead for the organization. We win together!

Organizations Worked With Include:

SAP, Microsoft, Vmware, Cisco, HP, Philips, Yahoo, Akamai, McAfee, PGi, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Oracle, Fujitsu, Broadcom, Virtusa, Atos, Bristlecone, Tata Elxsi, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Nomura, Société Generale, Barclays, JPMC, Standard Chartered Bank, RBS, Deutche Bank, HDFC, Fiserv, iNautix, Thomson Reuters, Honeywell, BASF, Lanco, Mercedes Benz, Bajaj Auto, Qualcomm, Cypress Semiconductors, NXP Semiconductors, LSI Logic, Infineon, Ericsson, Aircel, OnMobile, Target, JDA, Hospira / Pfizer, Cipla, Columbia Asia Hospital, Medtronic, Pepsico, Aditya Birla Management Corporation, National Institute of Smart Governance, and many others in India and overseas.

Know Your Coach
Binod Mathew Maliel | Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Binod worked in the corporate world for 2 decades and was last heading delivery of projects for multiple international clients across the globe. After his corporate career, for more than a decade Binod has been in training and coaching.

He is an international certified coach, has a leadership certificate from American Management Association, and has several certifications including in Emotional Intelligence and NLP. 

He is a member of the International Association of Facilitators, and is passionate in bringing out the best in participants through strong facilitation (versus just training) and coaching. Binod is easy to work with, his programs combine fun and actionable beneficial learning, and he consistently gets high feedback scores for his programs. He is passionate to have participants create a measurable action plan and help them have measurable transformation. Binod speaks at conferences and events. He has co-authored the book "DNA of Success Stories" with world renowned legends including Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup Books Co-author) and Brian Tracy (author of more than 60 books and a success guru). 

Some Testimonials...

Having been involved for nearly 10 years with Binod Maliel's work in facilitations, trainings and interventions in top organizations, I have found that he consistently gets extremely high participant feedback scores, and is one of the best facilitators that I have come across. His programs are highly interactive, fun and create high learning impact to participants. He is very easy to work with, is extremely reliable, and maintains a good rapport with his clients, participants and stakeholders. 

Bhagya V

Manager, Large Multinational Training Organization

Binod Maliel contributed in improving the culture and way of working in the companies where I engaged his leadership development programs for over 8 years. With his vast industry experience and his ability to make complex concepts simple, he gives perspectives that help participants understand concepts in practical ways. He enables participants to be motivated and confident so that they actually apply the skills they learnt back at the workplace.

Bikash Kumar Sha

Program Manager, L&D, Mercedes-Benz R&D

Binod brings finest elements of business practicality into his sessions; thanks to his abundant industry experience which he greatly aligns with time tested occupational solutions that he offers to his clients. I sought his expertise for our company in running ‘First Time Manager Workshop’ as well as ‘Project Leadership Program’ and he was fantastic - primarily because of his ability to impart ‘corporate intensity’ through ‘ingenious simplicity’ in his programs.

Rajesh Toranagatti

Director of L&D and Country HR Director, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

What We Offer

    • Binod is authorized to run Jack Canfield's "Breakthrough to Success Program" - where participants "Achieve Your Biggest Dreams & Create A Life You Love" - Click Here for details.
    • Behavioral transformation. Behavioral change takes time. We believe in building long-term behavioral change through our customized interventions. This includes initial study, design of the intervention, pre-assessment, implementation (trainings, outbounds, game-based-programs and coaching as required), and post-assessment.
    • Agile transformation for adapting / growing agile implementation across the department/organization.
    • ACTION LEARNING (*) to develop leaders, build teams and transform organizations
    • Action learning is a powerful problem solving tool that has the amazing capacity to simultaneously build successful leaders, teams, and organizations. It is a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organization while doing so.
    • Business Week identified action learning as the "latest and fastest organizational tool for leadership development."
    • In Transformational Leadership  in a VUCA World
      • First Time Manager Skills, New Leader Skills, Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Performance Management, Conflict Management, Delegation, Time Optimization, Adaptive Leadership, High Influence Communication, Influence With And Without Authority, Leading Change, Stakeholder Management.
    • In Project Management and Business Analysis Excellence
      • Fundamentals of Project Management, Advanced Project Management, Leading Agile Projects, Risk Management, Introduction to Business Analysis, Requirements Elicitation and Management, Managing Requirements in the Agile World.

(*) Michael Marquardt, Shannon Banks, et al.

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